Torque is an application for Android tablets and smartphones that interfaces with OBD2 enabled devices (via bluetooth or USB) and provides visual feedback in the form of gauges and digital readouts of the various parameters and values provided.
Torque is normally used with ICE cars but by adding new parameters can be used by the Soul EV.
The advantage of Torque is that it is really flexible in graphing and displaying data.
Example of Torque Screen showing Kia Soul EV BMS data.

Screenshot of Torque dials

The BMS is the Battery Management System. When requested this outputs data from the battery to the OBD2 interface.
To setup torque to be used on the Kia Soul EV you need to enter these parameter values into torque running on your smartphone.
Torque provides a method for bulk loading multiple PIDs into memory by reading them in from a file.

The gauges should be updating regularly at this point.